Visit the UK as a Standard Visitor.

UK visitor visa is also known as a UK tourist visa, which allows foreign nationals to visit the UK for a short period of up to 6 months.

What Is a Visa?

A UK visa serves as the official authorization allowing individuals from around the world to enter, stay temporarily, or establish permanent residency in the United Kingdom. Typically, a visa takes the form of a stamped endorsement in your passport or a document issued by a UK consulate or embassy in your country of residence.

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Apply on GOV.UK

Apply on the official website of the British government.

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Book appointment.

Book an appointment at the document submission center.

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Review and pay.
Review all details before visiting the visa center.
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Visa Application Centre.

Go to the visa center and submit the documents.


The United Kingdom is one of the most sought-after and preferred by visitors from all over the world. Some countries can visit the United Kingdom without needing a visa, but others must have a visa to visit the United Kingdom. As a member of one of the countries that must be provided with a standard visitor visa, you can visit the United Kingdom only after you have been provided with a standard visa that allows you to stay in the United Kingdom for up to 6 months. Still, in some circumstances, you can stay for more than six months; as an example, we take the need for urgent medical treatment.

What you need to do before applying for a standard visitor visa.

1. You must check in detail if the activity we want to do in the United Kingdom is allowed as a standard visitor.
2. You must check all information and eligibility requirements.
3. You must check if you are a citizen of a country for which you must apply for a visa before traveling to the United Kingdom.

Activities can be done in the United Kingdom with a standard visitor visa.

• Tourism or holidays
• Visit family or friends
• Participation in charity activities for up to 30 days
• Transit to another country
• Some business activities (participation in a meeting or interview)
• Some paid engagements or events (lunch or lunch)
• Participation in an educational exchange program.
• Commitment to a course of no more than 30 days (for example, a dance course)
• Medical visits (personally financed)

Below are all the activities that you cannot do as a standard visitor:

• To do paid or unpaid work for a business in the United Kingdom
• Obtain and request public funds
• Live in the United Kingdom in case you get more than one standard visa in a row
• You cannot marry, announce a party, or register a partner. You must apply for a marriage visa in this case

Check if you meet the eligibility conditions.

Before applying for a standard visitor visa, you need a passport issued by the authorities of your country, which must be valid for the entire time of your stay in the United Kingdom.

It would help if you convinced the British authorities that after the end of your visit, you would leave the UK.
You must have enough funds to cover all expenses and any contingency in United Kingdom. In some cases, family members can cover the costs for you.
You will not use standard visas to live in the United Kingdom for an extended stay, as you will be visiting the United Kingdom frequently.

Also, in some cases, you have to be prepared for more requirements and conditions in case you are prepared to visit United Kingdom for study purposes, taking any exam, as an academic or doctor, for paid engagements, or even for medical reasons.

Check if you need to apply for a visa if you have planned a trip to United Kingdom.

As mentioned above, visitors from some countries do not need to apply for a visa to visit United Kingdom. You can check if you need a visa before you apply. If you do not need a visa, you must meet the eligibility requirements to visit United Kingdom. The border officer in United Kingdom may ask additional questions about your visit to United Kingdom. If you need to apply for a standard visa before visiting the United Kingdom, go to the official website to apply. The cost to apply for a standard visitor visa for six months is 115 GBP. You also need to apply 2-3 months before your travel plan. If you visit United Kingdom many times, you can apply for a visa with a term longer than six months. If you think the requested information is not in this article, you can read the FAQs here.

Uk Visitor Visa application fees.

Of course, to apply for a standard visitor visa in the UK, several fees are different for all periods and types of applications. Usually, the costs are the same for all citizens of the countries that you need a visitor visa to visit the UK. You can read more about UK visitor visa fees here.

Get a UK visitor visa.

A Standard Visitor visa grants entry to the UK for a specific duration. Additionally, we can assist you in obtaining a business visa, enabling you to visit the UK for short-term business purposes.

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